Here are downloadable PDF forms for some of our most common service requests regarding coverage. If you wish to make one of the following changes to your coverage, simply click on the appropriate link below to download a PDF form which you can print, complete and mail to Manulife.

Term Life


Term Life Insurance and Major Accident Protection brochure (PDF)

Term 10 Life Insurance brochure (PDF)

Term Life versus Term 10 Life Insurance Plans comparison (PDF)


Term Life Insurance application (PDF)

Term 10 Life Insurance application (PDF)

Learn about our insurance in one convenient, easily printable piece.

Form: Change account information

Change your address, phone number or email. Set up or change how you pay. 

Mail: Change of information form (PDF – English)

Mail: Change of information form (PDF – French)

Form: Change your smoking status

If you have not used any form of tobacco, nicotine substitutes or tobacco cessation products for 1 year (12 consecutive months), you may be eligible for lower premiums. Once approved, your lower premiums will start on your next premium due date.

Mail: Non-smoker change form (PDF – English)

Mail: Non-smoker change form (PDF – French)

Form: Change your beneficiary

Update or change the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. 

Mail: Beneficiary designation form (PDF – English)

Mail: Beneficiary designation form (PDF – French)

Sample certificates:

Term Life Insurance policy (PDF)

Major Accident Protection policy (PDF)

Child Life and Accident Insurance policy (PDF)

Term 10 Life Insurance policy (PDF)

Health and Dental

BrochureHealth and Dental Insurance brochure (PDF)

Discover what your Health and Dental coverage includes and how to make the most of it.

Brochure: Health and Dental plan comparison (PDF)

Sample policy: Health and Dental sample policy (PDF)