Professional Retiree Health and Dental plans

If your employer group coverage is ending soon or you’re self-employed, you know that expenses not covered by government health plans can multiply quickly. Professional Retiree Health and Dental coverage starts where government coverage ends – for both routine and unexpected medical expenses.

Routine expenses:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental care
  • Eye exams and eyeglasses
  • Massage therapy, physiotherapy, etc.

Unexpected expenses as a result of:

  • Travel by ambulance
  • Hospitalization
  • Home nursing care
  • Travel medical emergencies

Now you can have your own health and dental insurance coverage, no matter where your professional life takes you.

Whether your group benefits are coming to an end, you want to add to your existing group coverage, or you’re self-employed and/or working on contract, Professional Retiree Health & Dental Insurance offers you three choices of coverage levels.

  • Base – acceptance is guaranteed regardless regardless of your health status and no medical questionnaire is required at the time of application.
  • Bridge – no medical questionnaire is required at the time of application if you apply within 60 days of your group health plan end date.
  • Comprehensive – offers the highest coverage maximums of the three plans in many benefit categories. A medical application is normally required.

1 Coverage must be effective on or before August 1, 2021.

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You are eligible to apply for the Engineers Canada-sponsored Professional Retiree Health & Dental Plan if you are a Canadian resident, and:

  • A member (including members in training) of the engineering regulators that license the country’s 300,000 members of the profession; also included are student engineers who are members of a student section (in those associations where a student section exists) and who are within 24 months of expected graduation from a program accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board;
  • A member of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
  • A member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario, Geoscientists Nova Scotia, or the Ordre des géologues du Québec;
  • A member of 1 of the 8 participating provincial associations of technicians and technologists;
  • A member of the Manitoba Association of Architects, the Architects’ Association of New Brunswick, the Nova Scotia Association of Architects or the Architects Association of Prince Edward Island;
  • A full-time employee of Engineers Canada or one of the engineering regulators that license the country’s 300,000 members of the profession or one of the participating organizations or of Youth Science Canada; or
  • A limited licensee or a provincial licensee.

Your spouse and children are also eligible for plan benefits. To be eligible, children must be under age 21 at time of application. Children 21 to 24 must be in full-time attendance at an accredited college or university. Covered children who are incapacitated and dependent on you for support will be covered up to any age.

For health care benefits, you and your family must be covered by a government health insurance plan in Canada.

If you are applying for a plan that requires medical underwriting, before your application for insurance can be approved, you must provide satisfactory proof of good health. This involves completing the health questionnaire section of the application form.

If the plan is “Medically Underwritten” you must disclose any medical condition, injury or illness that occurred or existed on or before the date of your application, regardless of whether you went to see a doctor about the condition or were given a diagnosis, or whether or not you believe that it is important. The premium charged and/or benefits offered could be subject to adjustment or modification of coverage, or declined based on your or your family’s medical background. This will be determined after an evaluation of the information provided on the medical questionnaire.

After reviewing your questionnaire, Manulife may require that you provide additional medical information and/or may require a medical report from your doctor. Please note that, based on your health information, Manulife may offer insurance on a modified basis or may decline to offer coverage.

If you purchase the Prime plan, you will be purchasing the Dental Care coverage separately from the Extended Health Care coverage – so there are two quotes. However, when you purchase one of the three options of the new Professional Retiree plan, you get a quote for both Health and Dental combined. Also, the Prime plan lifetime maximum for claims outside Canada is reduced to $12,500 at age 65, while it remains the same under the new Professional Retiree plan.

For the Prime plan, there is a calendar year limit of $500 for each practitioner. Under the new Professional Retiree plans, the combined anniversary year maximums are $600 for the Base plan, $650 for the Bridge plan, and $700 for the Comprehensive plan.


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Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

Manulife wants you to know that you can shop for this coverage with complete confidence, because our first concern is to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. 

Once you receive your Policy or Certificate of Insurance for your Engineers Canada-sponsored coverage, please examine it carefully. If you are not satisfied, contact us in writing to cancel your coverage. We will refund your premiums paid for any new coverage that you cancel within 30 days of receiving your Certificate or Policy.