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Disability Insurance

Protection for unexpected disabilities

OMA Disability Insurance is uniquely designed to meet the needs of OMA members throughout their professional study and practice, should they experience an unexpected illness or injury. 

OMA Disability Insurance includes:


Coverage allows members to focus on their recovery instead of worrying about financial stability. Coverage includes both total disability and residual disability. 

Up to $25,000 monthly benefit 1

Maximum coverage combined from OMA Group Disability Insurance Policies 2718, 59997, 17849 and 140004.

Choice of elimination period

The elimination period is the number of consecutive days in a chosen period before you can begin receiving the monthly benefit. The longer the elimination period, the lower the premium. Choose from 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 or 365 days.

Choice of step or level premium rates 2

Choose which works best for you. Step rates change according to your age, while level rates remain the same over time.

Survivor benefit

Payable to your estate, equal to three times the last monthly benefit payable for the disability before the date of death.

Options to boost your benefits

Cost of Living Adjustment rider

Keeps pace with inflation by allowing your monthly benefit to increase once you have been disabled for 12 consecutive months, in accordance with the Consumer Price Index and subject to an annual maximum of 10%.

Guaranteed Insurability Benefit rider

Once you have completed residency, you can increase your coverage during the 31-day option period without medical evidence every year to age 55. Learn more about the Guaranteed Insurability Benefit.

Own Occupation rider

Expands the definition of total disability, so that you will be considered totally disabled and receive full benefits even if you return to work performing different duties and suffer no loss of income.

Retirement Protection rider

An additional monthly benefit will be paid into a Non-Registered Savings Plan (NRSP) account offered through Manulife Group Retirement Solutions, while you are totally disabled after the 90-day elimination period. You will have the ability to select the investment option of your choice. These retirement benefits are available when you reach age 65 or upon death.

70+ DI coverage option

At age 70, if you are actively working in Canada (excluding Quebec) providing at least 25 hours of medical services a week, you can extend your disability coverage with the 70+ DI coverage option, which allows you to choose a monthly benefit amount. The minimum monthly benefit amount is $500. The maximum monthly benefit is the combined total of all monthly benefit amounts you have under group policies 140004, 17849, 59997 and 2718, up to $10,000 from all sources. The elimination period that is available for this option is 90 days . Learn more about the 70+ DI coverage option


Eligible applicants for OMA Disability Insurance must be under age 65, who are actively practicing medicine3 in Canada (excluding Quebec) and are members of the OMA or an eligible Atlantic medical association/society. 

Frequently asked questions

Should you become disabled and eligible for benefits, you will not need to pay the premiums starting on the date when benefits become payable to you, provided the elimination period is satisfied. Premiums will continue to be waived as long as you remain disabled. 

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If you are not satisfied with your coverage, simply return your insurance certificate to Manulife within 30 days of receiving it, and any premiums paid for the coverage will be promptly refunded.4