Term 10 Life Insurance

Help protect your loved ones in the event of the unthinkable

No one can predict when the unexpected will happen. That is why you should take steps to help ensure your family's financial future, with practical protection that's endorsed by your alma mater.

Term 10 Life Insurance can help provide financial security to your loved ones in case of your death. Your premium is guaranteed not to increase for 10 years, regardless of health changes. Premiums are based on your age at the time of initial application, so the younger you are when you apply, the lower your rates will be. It can be used for anything from final expenses to children’s education to retirement for your spouse – whatever your beneficiary chooses. 

Coverage advantages


The low group rates help make it possible for you and your spouse to obtain the amount of coverage you may need to secure your family’s financial future. Plus, the younger you apply, the lower your rates will be.

Premiums Guaranteed

Rates are guaranteed not to change for 10 years, regardless of health changes, at time of initial application.

Renewable to age 85

Once coverage is in force, it is guaranteed renewable with no medical examination or health questions required at the time of renewal, even if your health has declined. 

Coverage of up to $2,000,000 per person 

Term 10 Life Insurance provides coverage for you and your spouse coverage in increments of $25,000 up to a maximum of $2,000,000 each, at group rates.

Living benefit in your time of need

Pays you 50% of your Term Life benefit amount (to a maximum of $100,000) if, after two years of continuous coverage, you are under age 83 and diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 12 months or less. Premium will be waived from the time of the Living Benefit payment until time of death.

Convert to a Permanent Life insurance policy

You have the option to convert all or part of your coverage to permanent life insurance at any time prior to the policy anniversary at which you have reached age 70 with no medical underwriting at the time of conversion.

Other than a return of premium (without interest), no insurance coverage is provided for suicide within two years of the effective date of coverage.

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are an alumni member or their spouse
  • You are a Canadian resident
  • You are between the ages of 18 and 70

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