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Travelling Canadians

Whether you’re travelling within Canada, going to the USA for business or heading off overseas, Manulife travel insurance for Costco members helps protect you against the cost of unexpected emergencies that may occur. Choose from emergency medical to trip cancellation and trip interruption plans, or all-inclusive plans that best suit your needs and get the right benefits at the right rates. Plus, Exclusive members can save up to 5% on most insurance plan premiums!

All-Inclusive Plan

This plan offers protection beyond emergency medical costs, including coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, baggage loss and more.

Emergency Medical Plan

Get protection from unexpected emergency medical expenses while travelling.

Travel Canada Emergency Medical Plan

This plan protects you from unexpected emergency medical expenses while travelling within Canada, outside your home province or territory.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Plan

Add this plan to your existing travel medical coverage to protect you against an unforeseen emergency or event.

Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plan

Protection beyond just medical costs for as many trips as you take throughout the year, including multi-trip emergency medical and multi-trip all-inclusive plans.

Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Plan

This plan offers protection the best value for emergency medical costs for as many trips as you take throughout the year.

Emergency Medical Top-Up Plan

When the duration of coverage you have isn’t long enough, this plan allows you to add extra time to your existing coverage.

Covid-19 Pandemic Travel Plan

Protection from unexpected emergency medical expenses, including Covid-19 expenses.

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Frequently asked questions

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Global Affairs Canada states: "Do not rely on your provincial or territorial health plan to cover costs if you get sick or are injured while abroad. Out-of-country health care can be costly, and your government health plan may not cover any medical expenses abroad. It is your responsibility to seek information from your provincial or territorial health authority and to obtain supplementary travel insurance and understand the terms of your policy."

You can opt to purchase coverage for the entire time you are away from your province of residence or just for the portion of your trip that is away from Canada. In other words, the effective date of coverage can be either the last day you are in your province of residence or the last day you are in Canada. As government health insurance plans vary among the provinces and may not provide emergency return home benefits, you should consider coverage for the full length of your trip.

Government health insurance plans may have limits on the reimbursement of the emergency medical expenses incurred while in another province. For example, air and ground ambulance costs, emergency dental treatment and prescription drugs might not be covered outside your province of residence. For maximum protection, you should purchase additional medical coverage even while travelling within Canada.

Yes. Travel Insurance for Costco Members allows top up coverage of another insurer's plan. You are responsible for ensuring that your current coverage is in force and allows top-up. Your top-up coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the Travel Insurance plan.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your existing plan permits top-ups.

If you are already on your trip, you can extend coverage by calling Customer Service at 1-866-707-4922 provided there has been no event that has resulted or may result in a claim against the policy and there has been no change in your health status. In addition, you must request the extension before your coverage expires and pay the appropriate premium. Extension of your coverage is subject to approval.

If you have a Multi-Trip Plan, you must top-up your coverage before you leave home, by purchasing a Top-Up plan for the additional number of days beyond the duration provided by your Multi-Trip Plan to the maximum allowed by your Canadian government health insurance plan. To top-up your coverage after you leave home, you must call us at 1-866-707-4922.

You may purchase Travel insurance for Students. This plan has been designed for students, including post-graduate researchers.

Yes, grandchildren fall under our definition of a "child" but the dependent grandchild must be named on your confirmation and be travelling with you, and you must pay the premium for Family Coverage. All travellers covered under a family policy must be under 60 years of age.

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If you notify us within 10 days of your purchase date, as indicated on your confirmation, that you are not completely satisfied with your policy, we will provide a full refund if you have not already departed on your trip and there is no claim in progress. For information on refunds after the 10-Day Free Look period, please refer to the Cancellations & Refunds section in the policy.