The cost of expected and unexpected medical bills can be expensive. Not only that, it can cause people to avoid getting the care they need, whether it’s a trip to the dentist, prescription drugs or even medical equipment. And no one wants that for their family.

Extended Health Coverage:

1 Vision care does not include industrial safety glasses.

2 Benefits are only payable after yearly maximum allowed under your government health insurance plan has been reached, if applicable.

3 Treatment must be sought within the 90-day period following the accident.

4 Registered health professionals include: Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse, Certified Home Support Worker or Occupational Therapist.

5 The date when insurance coverage begins.

*Manulife cannot guarantee the availability of this benefit indefinitely.

Drug coverage:

6 For Drug 1 & 2 – Excludes smoking cessation drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, over-the-counter drugs, birth control drugs, and drugs not requiring a prescription.

7 For Drug 1 & 2 – Not all drugs have a generic equivalent. If a non-generic drug is purchased, payment will be based on the lowest generic drug cost equivalent, if applicable. If no generic brand exists, payment of the brand-name price can be made at the co-payment level of your plan.

8 For Drug 3 – Includes coverage for birth control. Smoking cessation drugs, over-the-counter drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, and drugs not requiring a prescription are not covered.

Dental coverage:

9 While premium dentures and crowns are eligible for reimbursement, the reimbursement amount will be based on the cost of standard dentures and crowns.

To be eligible for coverage under this policy, you must meet all the following requirements:

  • have coverage under your government health insurance plan;
  • be a resident of Canada in any province or territory, except Quebec; and
  • be at least 18 years of age on the date of application for this policy, except for dependent children of a member.

Our 30 day guarantee

If for any reason, the coverage you purchased to help protect you and your loved ones, does not satisfy your needs, you may simply request a refund within 30 days of receiving your policy. Any premiums paid for the coverage will be promptly refunded.10

Your government health care plan may not cover all routine medical expenses such as prescription drugs, dental care and vision care. Our health insurance can help protect you from potentially costly and unexpected medical expenses.

Yes, you can customize your plan to suit your needs or those of your covered family members. After choosing a base plan – Basic Extended Health Care – you can pick options for prescription drugs and dental expenses.

Major restorative service (braces, dentures, crowns) are covered in the Dental 3 plan. This coverage is available as of Year 2.

Optometrist visits, eyeglasses and laser eye surgery are all included in the vision care benefits as part of your Extended Health Care coverage.

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