Published October 2020

Everybody knows exercise is good for you. And even though we know that, we’re only human and we don’t always do what we should. With one of the most gorgeous times of year upon us, there’s no better time to get outside, take in the vibrant fall colours and the fresh, crisp air and get active with your family! Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Why is exercise so good for us? 

There are lots of benefits to getting and staying active. Physical activity, when paired with a nutritious diet, can help achieve weight loss goals, may help to reduce blood pressure and the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke, can help support your immune system, give you more energy, help improve your sleep, and even improve mood by helping to reduce anxiety and depression among other things!* Impressive, right? Let’s get started then! Here are some tips for healthy family activities.

10 tips for getting active outdoors 

  1. WALK. Go for a brisk, half hour walk every day. Change up your routes and time of day to keep it interesting. Collect leaves while you’re at it and make a leaf project.
  2. HIKE. Go for a hike in a local park. Pack a light healthy lunch. 
  3. RUN. Go for a family jog in your neighbourhood or drive to a new location. Exploring new spaces makes it feel less like work and more of an adventure.
  4. RIDE. Go for a bicycle ride in your neighbourhood or pack the bikes in the car and explore further away from home.
  5. RAKE. Play in the leaves! Get the family involved with fall yard work.
  6. PICK A PUMPKIN. Take the family on an apple or pumpkin picking outing.
  7. BIRD. Go birding! Research local birds and take your family and a pair of binoculars on an outing to spot them.
  8. PLAY. Enjoy a family sport, like golf, baseball or tennis.
  9. HORSEBACK. Why not take your family horseback riding? Happy trails!
  10. CAMP. Take the family on a fall camping trip. Enjoy bonfires and scary stories to top off an active day. Boo! 

There are lots of ways to help your family get active and healthy this fall. Another way you can help keep your family healthy is CAA Health and Dental Insurance. It can help cover health and dental expenses not covered by your government plan and can help you save money. 

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